c e r a m i s t
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The vessel

For me the most essesientel thing is the shape.
The task is finding the right balance between foot, body and rim.
And the goal is a composition of tranquility with a meditative character. Contary to the methods of the stonemason who works from the outside in, the ceramist´s process is the reverse – bulk to space.
Form and energy must come from within, and be the catalyst of ornamention and expression.

The ornamentation
For me ornamentation is present to emphasise form and the choice of materials.
But it is also a very important partner in attaining the final goal.
A composistion of tranquility with a meditative caracter.

The Fireing
This is possibly the most exiting part of the process.
Here the fruits of the last three to five weeks of labour become apparent.
From the moment the glazefire is lit it takes ten to fourteen hours to fire the kiln, the final two or three hours with an open flame out of the chimney.
It is the intensity of this flame that determines the colour of the final product. And it is my knowledge and experience that controls this intensity and the result.
A vessel.
An expression of Mind and Matter.
A composistion of tranquility with a meditative caracter.
Achieved through long periods of absorption.

A must without which I would be insane.
A gift that helps me through a stressed world.
The gift that makes me as happy as a small child each time I start a new pot.
Absorption is just around the corner.